5 steps on how to set-up a Wires-x room using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection


You may use this guide if you want to bypass your local internet provider's restrictions on port forwarding & public IP address in setting-up a Wires-x room.

[DISCLAIMER/NOTICE: This is NOT an official Yaesu guide. I just created this online guide to help fellow hams set-up their own nodes easily. Some are having a hard time learning from the different manuals. I'm not an expert. I'm offering this page as an alternate tutorial/guide. Most of the content are collated from different official Yaesu and Wires-x manuals and literature. You may access them directly at the Yaesu official website and YouTube videos.] - 73 Rom DU1YQ


  • 1.0 HRI-200 preparation
    • Register your HRI-200 at the Yaesu Wires-x website. Click here to register your HRI-200. Look for the link at left column named “WIRES-X ID registration”. Send/submit your email address. You will then receive an email from Yaesu with additional instructions on how to complete your registration.
    • Wait for a few days to get your node/room ID numbers via email.
    • Save your node/room IDs for future reference.
  • 2.0 Radio preparation
    • C4FM radios that you can pair with an HRI-200 to create a room are FTM-100 & FTM-400 only. Other radios such as FT-2DR, FT-3DR can only be used as a node (PDN/HRI-mode; Direct & Access Point) and cannot be paired with an HRI-200. FTM-100 & FTM-400 also works as a node.
    • Check/verify if your radio has the latest firmware.
    • If your radio's firmware is not updated yet, please update to the latest version. Go to Yaesu website, product page -- Files tab, then download/install the latest version. See example for FT-3DR:
    • Connect cables:
      1. HRI-200 to PC
      2. HRI-200 to radio
    • Start your radio in HRI mode.
    • For FTM-100/400: Press [DX] + [GM] + Power, Wires-x logo is displayed on the LCD screen

  • 3.0 Computer preparation
    • Basic computer requirement: Windows 7/8.1/10, HDD 1GB or more, RAM 2GB or more, Full speed USB, display resolution 1366 x 768 or higher.
    • Download Wires-x software.
    • Install HRI-200 driver by launching the Wires-x installation software, click on "HRI-200 Device Driver Setup" button. Follow instructions.
    • Install Wires-x software (Latest version is 1.530 - as of 24 March 2020).
    • Check on "Enable WIRES-X Auto Start" if you want to automatically launch Wires-x upon startup in Windows.
    • Go to your Device Manager and check if you can see your HRI-200 driver (HRI-200 Communication device A) and port number.
    • Restart computer.
  • 4.0 Internet and VPN setup
    • Subscribe to a VPN account with port forwarding & public IP address feature (VERY IMPORTANT!). Search online for list of VPN companies that have port forwarding capability so you can compare and select among different providers. To be 100% sure, please talk to them directly via chat, email, call before subscribing to make sure that you can use Port Forwarding in your VPN account. Subscribe at your own risk.
    • Note: There are many VPN companies that offer VPN subscriptions with port forwarding and public IP address. This is not an endorsement, but FYI, I’m currently using PureVPN.com with the following add-ons: 1) port forwarding and 2) dedicated IP address, feel free to search for better or even cheaper VPN alternatives.
    • The screenshots or the screens below may differ from your set-up. It would depend on your choice of VPN provider. I'm posting the screenshots for reference only.
    • Recommended internet connection is via LAN cable. WIFI would work but it's best to use LAN cable for a steady internet connection
    • Recommended speed is 8mbps or faster (high speed connection recommended)
    • You need a global IP address (dynamic or static address usable)
    • In your VPN account, set required ports (port forwarding) for Wires-x: 46100, 46110, 46112, 46114, 46120, 46122
    • Connect cables.
    • Connect your PC to your regular internet and then login to your VPN account.
    • Make sure that VPN is running before starting Wires-x.
  • 5.0 Launching the Wires-x software
    • Launch the Wires-x software.
    • You will be prompted by this screen (see below). You should see your HRI-200's serial number auto-populated in Serial Number box. Input your Node/Room ID. Click ID entry. The remaining blank fields will be auto-populated with your basic information. Click Okay.

      If you don't see your HRI-200 serial number auto-populated in the "Serial No." box, please check/reinstall your driver, make sure that it's properly configured. In most cases, problems are from bad driver installation and/or Windows computer.

    • Check your "Tool > Port check" tab if they are displaying "OK".
    • If you see that all ports have "OK" marks (see picture below), you're all set. Click "Close".
    • If you see only one "OK" (usually Node control), please check your computer settings - turn off firewall, anti-virus program, other programs that could block computer/internet traffic.
    • If you see an all red "NG" prompt, check your computer and/or VPN settings.
    • Configure Transceiver section: Select "RX:DIGITAL - TX:DIGITAL" from the dropdown menu. Set your desired frequency VHF/UHF. Select Power to Low (if you're just using it at home) or Medium (if you want to use it as an Access Point with an external antenna).
    • Configure Settings:
    • Wires ID Information: You may change your "User ID", just click on "User ID Change", add comment, click Confidential if you want to hide your ID, select QSL exchange if you're into digital QSL card exchanges, add comment or other info.

      Location Settings: Add your station location, click on "Show position data".

      Round QSO room settings: Add your desired "Room Name", comment, click on "QSL exchange" to upload your electronic QSL card, add "Room information". Make your room "ACTIVE" by clicking on "Setup", check "Room Active", add "Room ID", then click on "Room Activation".

      Call settings: Check on the desired options, add a default Room ID for your "Return to Room" field (Your node will always go back to that room when your connection with other rooms are inactive.)

      General settings: Very important! Check on "Unlimited TOT" (time-out timer)

    • Here's an example of a successful Wires-x room set-up.

    Congratulations, you are all set! Enjoy Wires-x!

Random Notes/Tips:

  • HOTSPOTS (mmdvm, pi-star, openspot, etc) DOES NOT connect directly to the Wires-x network and rooms. Some Wires-x rooms have GATEWAYS, BRIDGES & REFLECTORS (Ex: FCS-xxxx, YSF-xxxxx) and only those rooms can be accessed by hotspots.
  • YSF bridge/reflector is not Wires-x.
  • Restart your computer and radio after every update, change of settings, upgrades.
  • You OWN your Wires-x room. You are free to use it in whatever way you want - activate/deactivate, share with others/use as private. Your traffic is not monitored.
  • You can change your Room name or User ID anytime you want. You can even change your name to Special Event Callsigns (Example: DX1PAR was DX0STAYHOME at one point due to Covid-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon Island, Philippines).
  • FT-991a can connect to C4FM (System Fusion) via RF only. It can't be used in digital mode as a node or room but it can be set-up as an analog node.


Official Yaesu link:

Official Wires-x manual:

DU1YQ C4FM Presentation at the Philippine Amateur Radio Association's (PARA) 2019 Anniversary:

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Steps on how to set-up your own Wires-x PDN (Portable Digital Node) Station

Info Corner

Recommended radios for Hotspot users (DMR, D-Star, and YSF, REF, XLX reflectors/bridges): FT-70, FTM-3200, FTM-3207, FTM-7250

Recommended radios for those who want to experience the full C4FM/Wires-x features: FT-2DR, FT-3DR, FTM-100, FTM-300 (soon), FTM-400

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